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Defining a new generation of filmmakers

Chris Hanna
Chris Hanna is a born and bred El Paso filmmaker, documentarian and editor. He has made a number of short films and documentaries which have been successful in the festival circuit, including a regional Emmy win for Best Editing in a College Production with his more recent film “Pitch Black” in 2017.  Chris has directed, co-produced, edited and filmed for a local PBS show in Oklahoma, “Art of a Cowboy”. As well as completing “Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story” as the creator, director, producer, lead editor and cinematographer, Chris is working on a local documentary in El Paso, “Beyond the Dream”.  He has also made promotional videos for companies in El Paso, such as Tropicana Properties, Tropicana Homes and Shine On El Paso. When he is not working on his film career, he invests his time as the co-founder of  the El Paso Media Fest, an El Paso-based international film festival, as well as in the up-and-coming talent management group he is creating with his colleague Mario Contreras.

Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia is the producer, Human Resources coordinator, and an executive producer for ZGN Productions. She has funded and worked on ZGN films since the founding of the company such as the award-winning short film The Talk in the Night, in which she acted and produced. Rebecca is focused on helping ZGN Productions evolve into a well-known and profitable company. She is currently producing the latest ZGN Productions documentary short "A Family" and short film "The Truth of the Sun".

Nina Hedberg
Nina Hedberg is a sound designer and production sound mixer in El Paso, TX. She has worked on a number of short films and documentaries, most of which have been successful in the festival circuit. Currently, she is working alongside director Chris Hanna on Now or Never, a documentary about football star Tony Romo; she is also a producer, sound mixer and editor of the local Oklahoma PBS show, Art of a Cowboy. Nina hopes to push the boundaries of what sound can do for film, bringing knowledge of the world of sound to the masses.

Warren Lara
Warren Lara is one of the oldest memebers of ZGN Productions, and has filled many roles as needed. Editor, extra, sound editing, photo editing, graphic design, special effects, technical support, website manager--he has involvement in most major ZGN films one way or the other. He has seen this company grow from the bottom, and knows everything that needs to be known about the workings of ZGN.

Matthew Paul Rodriguez
Matthew Paul Rodriguez is an executive producer for ZGN Productions, working for the company for over 3 years now. With his support, Matthew has helped produce many ZGN short films and documentaries, including Emmy-nominated short film "The Talk in the Night".   
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