Chris Hanna

Chris Hanna is an El Paso filmmaker, documentarian and editor. All of his short films and documentaries have been successful in the festival circuit, winning awards such as a regional Emmy for Best Editing in a College Production for the short film Pitch Black in 2017. One nationally recognized project he is a co-producer, director, editor and cinematographer of is Art of a Cowboy, a PBS show franchise from Oklahoma. Other works include Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story, the official documentary of Tony Romo (credits include creator, producer, lead editor and cinematographer) which is now available for Prime Video on Demand, and Beyond the Dream, a documentary on an El Paso college prep company designed to get local students to Ivy League programs, which is now available on Amazon Prime and Video on Demand.

Chris and his company ZGN Productions continue to work on a variety of films. On the Edge of Freedom, a Texas faith feature film starring Greg Sestero (The Room, author of The Disaster Artist), was funded partially by the MCAD incubator grant, and is now being distributed by Exploration Films; it will also make an appearance at many festivals this 2024 season. ZGN Productions first self-produced documentary series, Bleeding Red: The Bel Air Highlanders Story, which follows the Bel Air High School football team of El Paso, TX as they compete for the district championship gold ball for the first time in over 30 years, is currently in post-production. Unbreakable Me: The Gabrielle Daleman Story, the first documentary about the legendary Canadian gold medalist figure skater Gabrielle Daleman is in post-production as well and is expected to reach the festival circuit in the next festival season. Chris continues to expand on the Art of a Cowboy brand with a new mini-series on the Lucky 7 Angus Ranch, a cutting-edge ranch in Wyoming with a unique breed of cattle, Lucky 7 Angus: An Art of a Cowboy Story, also in post-production. With all the variety of subjects under the brand of ZGN Productions, they all have one thing in common; powerful, people-centered stories that make a difference in communities and the world.

Rebecca Garcia

Rebecca Garcia is the producer, Human Resources coordinator, and an executive producer for ZGN Productions. She has funded and worked on ZGN films since the founding of the company such as the award-winning short film The Talk in the Night, in which she acted and produced. Rebecca is focused on helping ZGN Productions evolve into a well-known and profitable company. She is currently producing the latest ZGN Productions documentary short "A Family" and short film "The Truth of the Sun".

Nina Hedberg

Nina Hedberg is a sound designer and production sound mixer in El Paso, TX. She has worked on a number of short films and documentaries, most of which have been successful in the festival circuit. Currently, she is working alongside director Chris Hanna on Now or Never, a documentary about football star Tony Romo; she is also a producer, sound mixer and editor of the local Oklahoma PBS show, Art of a Cowboy. Nina hopes to push the boundaries of what sound can do for film, bringing knowledge of the world of sound to the masses.

Warren Lara

Warren Lara is one of the oldest memebers of ZGN Productions, and has filled many roles as needed. Editor, extra, sound editing, photo editing, graphic design, special effects, technical support, website manager--he has involvement in most major ZGN films one way or the other. He has seen this company grow from the bottom, and knows everything that needs to be known about the workings of ZGN.